Welcome to allCRAP

"It's nice to see you, now that you've found us , we hope you will be inspired".

Here at Allcrap , if you are looking for the unique, different, aged, upcycled, repurposed, true one offs and items to grace any home, hotel, restaurant or collection, then you are in the right place.

If however you want, mass produced, clean, sterile items, then sadly Allcrap is not for you.

When we create an item we try to remain as true to its past, history and previous life as possible. It may take on a new role in a new life but our aim is to restore to a minimum and take great pride in the perfection of total imperfection.

Many hours are spent sourcing old screws, nails, fittings and fitments so as to retain the authentic look and integrity of the item for your pleasure. Only new will be used when it is legal or safety dictates.

You will see items we have sourced that have been given " the Allcrap touch ".
As well as items we have discovered that we feel are of significant worth and style as to find its way here.

One thing is for sure. No two items will ever be the same.

Relax, take a moment and immerse yourself in the Allcrap way.

If you see something you fancy then please click on the Sum Up purchase link and with your preferred payment choice and we will take care of the rest.

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